Idiot Politics is a frank discussion concerning the nature of democracy in America. It is also a political and current events blog not affiliated with any political party or media outlet. It is a disaffected organization dedicated to expressing a divergent point of view to illuminate issues differently than either political party or the mainstream media. In particular, it tries to provide a frank discussion of democracy in America. David Sheppard is the sole contributor to Idiot Politics. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and a master’s degree from Stanford University. He is the author of nine books:

Story Alchemy: The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone of Storytelling

Oedipus on a Pale Horse: Journey through Greece in Search of a Personal Mythology

Novelsmithing: The Structural Foundation of Plot, Character, and Narration

The Mysteries: A Novel of Ancient Eleusis

The Escape of Bobby Ray Hammer: A Novel of a 50s Family

Introduction to Frankenstein: Origins and Aftermath

The Eternal Return: Oedipus, The Tempest, Forbidden Planet

Carpathian Vampire: When You’ve Never Known Love (As Lumi Laura)

In Pursuit of Sleep: The Origins of Insomnia and What to Do About it.

He has lived in California, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Atlanta, GA. He has worked as a farmer, bank teller, electronics technician, combat crew member on ICBM’s, aerospace engineer, library assistant and college instructor. His thirty-year aerospace career included work on the Viking project which landed the first robots on Mars, and many Space Shuttle related projects. On the international Shuttle Imaging Radar (SIR-C) project he was the liaison between NASA and the European Space Agency, working mostly with the Germans and Italians. Born in Artesia, NM, he grew up in the San Joaquin Valley, CA. He served his country in the US Air Force for eight years. Highest grade: Captain (O3). He lived in Colorado (mostly Boulder) for 17 years where he worked on the Viking mission to Mars and many Space Shuttle projects. Since retiring from his aerospace career in 1993, he has worked at the NMSU-Carlsbad library and on a DOE Title V grant. He has traveled most of western Europe and spent 10 weeks traveling Greece alone.