US Space Force

[The following is my comment to an article in the Washington Post titled, “The Space Force isn’t silly. Reshuffling the Pentagon might be.”]

I doubt that the idea for a new US Space Force came from Trump. He doesn’t have the mental capacity. The idea probably came from forward-thinking people from with the military, likely the US Air Force itself. As a life-long liberal, I was active-duty Air Force for eight years during the Vietnam War and was an astronautical engineer for 35 years working many NASA Space Shuttle projects, missions to the outer planets, as well as Star Wars projects. We have to look beyond Trump and think about American security far into the future. With the maturation of the global space industry, and particularly the quickly advancing space capability of China and its military expansion, we have to consider the strategic military implications of space. China, Russia and the EU are already doing this. To not do it is creating a suicidal future for America. The Chinese already have a presence at the lunar Lagrange point EM-L2 to provide Earth communications for their lunar prospecting and possible mining of Helium-3 on the far side of the moon in preparation for fusion power. We should be doing this also. As a matter of fact, we should be planning for a presence of all the militarily significant locations within the Earth-Moon system. In my opinion, the most militarily strategic spot in the Solar System is the south pole of the Moon that has 24 hour sunlight and visibility of Earth. We should also investigate the military significance of all five Earth-Moon Lagrange Points EM-L1 thru 5. We can’t be so absorbed with today’s problems that we neglect the future in a rapidly changing world. Human beings and nations will always be in conflict. Some other Trump or Hitler will come to power in another country in the future. This is an undeniable part of humanity, and we better plan for it. We should start a Space Force before it is too late. It will dramatically change thinking about space. This has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with securing America’s future.