Zuckerberg’s Moral Depravity

The situation with Facebook, described in this NY Times article, is much worse than this article has led us to believe. Marketing to its users is one thing, but Facebook has monetized its users. That should be outlawed. Facebook has asked us for everything about us that makes us human insofar as it can be presented on the Internet. It does this under the pretext of connecting us with people and providing an online social life. But what is actually going on underneath the surface is that Facebook is selling that data so that it and others may engineer society to serve their commercial and clandestine purposes. No one at this early stage of social networking can fully understand the future social, psychological and political implications of what Facebook is doing. Because it is misrepresenting to its users what it is doing, Facebook is a criminal enterprise, and Zuckerberg is its creator and kingpin. I don’t know that it’s possible for him to understand the depths of his own moral depravity because it is in his intellectual DNA.