Fake News Via Fox News

I don’t know how many people realize how sophisticated and widespread the phenomenon of fake news really is. It has been obvious ever since Fox News first hit the airwaves that its journalists and management were complicit along with conservative talk radio and blog sphere in generating and perpetuating false news. Fox would either pick up or generate a false news story, feed it into radio and blogs, perpetuate it for a time and then withdraw the story, with or without apology, and go on to the next false news story. These are the tactics of tabloid journalism that has been around for many, many decades and epitomize the holdings of Rupert Murdoch throughout the world. That effort is now being turned over to his sons who although they seem to have a more liberal bent have the same affinity for dishonest, deceit and deception as their father. I believe we could get beyond this family’s shortcomings if it wasn’t for the cowardliness of conservative politicians when it comes to facing up to the facts. For example, all Republican politicians knew that Obama was in fact born in the US. But with few exceptions they perpetuated the lie that he wasn’t born in the US. Republicans also know that Obamacare is a good first attempt at health care. They also know that it didn’t use death panels. And yet they perpetuated the lie. These are the breeding grounds for discontent, division and the eventual election of a sociopath like that we now have in the presidency.